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Do you have a damaged tooth, or did you have to undergo an extraction? If so, Marzena Zachwieja, DDS, at Sunny Smile Dentistry in Old Bridge, New Jersey, is an expert at placing crowns and bridges to fill in the gap in your smile, helping you look your best. To learn more about crowns and bridges, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

Crowns and Bridges

What are dental crowns and bridges?

A crown is essentially a cap that fits over the top of your tooth. You might have had a root canal, a crack in your tooth, a cavity, or some other tooth damage. A crown can fit over your existing tooth to help restore a normal appearance and shape.

A bridge is an artificial tooth that is held in place by being attached to one or both of the adjacent teeth.  

Why would I choose a crown or bridge over an implant?

An implant requires a metal screw that attaches to your jawbone in the opening where your tooth was. If you aren’t able to undergo surgery for an implant, or you had a root canal and your entire tooth wasn’t removed, a crown or bridge may be a better option for you. They allow you to keep the root of your original tooth.

How are crowns and bridges placed?

A crown usually takes two visits to install. In the first visit, Dr. Zachwieja files your tooth to prepare it for the crown, or if the tooth is damaged, she may need to add filling to make sure there is enough tooth to anchor the crown. Then, she takes an impression of the tooth so that a crown can be made to fit exactly, and puts in a temporary crown.

At your second visit, Dr. Zachwieja removes the temporary crown and attaches the permanent crown to the tooth.

A bridge also generally takes two visits to place. First, Dr. Zachwieja files down the abutment teeth (the teeth next to the missing tooth) slightly to make space for the crown and so the crown can be anchored to them. She takes an impression of your teeth, and puts in a temporary bridge.

When your impression comes back from the lab, you return for your second appointment. Dr. Zachwieja removes the temporary bridge and the new bridge is put in.

Are there any downsides to crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges aren’t considered permanent, so they’ll need to be replaced. Implants, on the other hand, are attached to your jawbone and are therefore considered to be a permanent solution.

How long will my crown or bridge last?

Bridges and crowns may need to be replaced every five to 15 years, depending on how well they’re cared for and how much wear and tear they’re subjected to.

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